Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs? Challenges Of Owning

Reveal the secret: Why Beagles are the worst dogs? Explore their inherent characteristics, behavioral challenges, and potential drawbacks in this article.

Besides, we will provide more about Beagles dogs and make an informed decision before choosing a pet companion.

What Are Beagles Dogs?

The beagle is a little scent hound that looks similar to the much larger foxhound. The beagle was created primarily for hare hunting, often known as beagling. 

With its keen sense of smell and exceptional tracking abilities, the beagle is the most common breed used to detect the forbidden agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world. Because of its size, good temperament, and lack of genetic health concerns, the beagle became a popular companion.

The contemporary breeds evolved in the 1830s in Great Britain, including the Talbot Hound, North Country Beagle, Southern Hound, and maybe the Harrier. Since Elizabethan times, this type of dog has been featured in literature and paintings, and more lately in film, television, and comic books. 

Beagles dogs was popular in the past

Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs? 

We have some reasons that related to the nature of this type of dog, which make some people feel uncomfortable or estrange with them. Let’s explore these natural features below.

Clingy nature

Don’t be alarmed if your dog won’t move away from you since this breed has been studied by the Ministry of Justice. Beagle breeds has a tendency to become overly connected to their owner and suffers from separation anxiety as a result, so Beagles enjoy spending time with their owners.

Beagles, despite the fact that they make wonderful lap dogs and are very affectionate, are still not the best choice for people who live alone. Puppies who suffer from separation anxiety are more likely to engage in destructive behavior and hostile interactions because they can’t stand the notion of being left alone.

Puppies Beagles love to connect with their owners

Mischievous nature

Another reason why beagles are the worst dogs is that Beagle puppies often have a tendency to be mischievous and destructive (Some areas even put brindle dogs on the list of dangerous dog breeds). 

They are the dogs that cause the greatest trouble when they are kept as house pets. The disruptive activity that they exhibit will serve as the impetus for the scratching, chewing, and digging that they will engage in.

Destructive behavior 

Beagles can exhibit destructive behavior for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent of which is separation anxiety. However, there are other factors that can also contribute to this trait. So that, it is not a good idea to get one of these dogs if you won’t be at your home very frequently because they are unable to handle being abandoned in a satisfactory manner. 

Besides, the fact that this dog breeds don’t get enough exercise is yet another plausible explanation for their risky behavior. You should never give your Beagle partner the opportunity to live the couch potato lifestyle. 

What Is The Nature Of Beagles Dogs?

Besides the nature that makes Beagle become the worst dog in human eyes, check out some other interesting nature aspects of them.  

Hunting nature

Despite the fact that it is one of the dog breeds with the lowest frequency of aggressive behavior anywhere in the world, the Beagle is traditionally used as a hunting dog. Beagle puppy will be born with a strong drive to track and kill its prey. Due to the fact that beagles are miniature scent hounds, it can be difficult to let them run free in public locations such as dog parks. 

Because they have an intrinsic desire to hunt, and as a result, they would prefer to go after smaller animals in the park rather than participate in the traditional things that people enjoy doing there, such as going to the park.

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Hunting nature of these type of dogs is very strong 

High energy

Not only have potent hunting instincts, but they also have a large deal of energy that they can burn off if they need to.  Be careful! They will not be content with a schedule that consists of sitting about all the time; hence, you should not get this dog unless you plan to spend a large amount of time exercising it outside in the open air and sunshine. 

Activities enjoying

The related reason why Beagles are the worst dogs is that Beagles have the potential to develop destructive behaviors such as digging holes, gnawing, biting, and clawing if they are not provided enough opportunities for active during the day. This behavior can be prevented by providing them with adequate opportunities for play. 

Why beagles are the worst dogs? The Nature Of Beagles Dogs


Beagles possess unique qualities, such as their incredible scent-tracking abilities and friendly nature. However, their strong prey drive, clingy nature and energetic disposition may present challenges for certain owners, leading to the reason why beagles are the worst dogs. 

It is also necessary to consider individual preferences, lifestyles, and training capabilities when determining the suitability of Beagles as pets.